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Keith Baldwin ADI  - Canterbury and surrounding areas, Herne Bay & Whitstable

Keith is married and a father to 2 children, so family life plays an important part in every decision.

Keith has previously worked in the retail industry where he enjoyed training staff in their various roles.Keith has enjoyed 16 years of driving and wanted to combine both training and driving into one role so decided to become an advanced driving instructor.

After doing some research/reading pupils testimonies and talking to other instructors he decided to join Wells Driver Training. He contacted Keith Wells to begin his training and since then has never looked back.

"Being taught by Keith Wells was fun and I have gained the confidence and skills that I need to be a great driving instructor, the entire Wells team are very warm and welcoming" 

Keith Wells made the whole training process easy by providing all the information, support and knowledge necessary to succeed whilst making it fun.

Keith wants to make each lesson enjoyable and memorable, also wants to help teach each new driver the skills they will use every time they set off on their own journey.

Call Keith today to start on your road to freedom:



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