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Emma Richardson-Byrne ADI (Automatic) - Thanet & Canterbury

Never doubt if you can do it, you can!!! 🏆 Let me help you to achieve that driving licence - I’m the bubbly, northern instructor with many years teaching/assessing experience.
I have always loved driving and I wanted to turn the passion of driving into a career. The freedom that driving brings you is one of the reasons I wanted to start teaching driving. One day I decided to help teach a family member and from there I have never looked back. I saw the freedom it gave them and the joy which in turn gave me the push to be an instructor.

I’ve been driving 20 years+ and I want to pass on my skills/knowledge to you! Whether it’s driving in the UK or driving abroad, I just love it and I’m sure you’ll see that passion shine through.
I’m a huge LFC fan and I ride motorcycles too. I even like oysters 🦪 and anything sporty! 🏋️‍♀️ My world is my beautiful wife, 2 grown up boys and our 3 gorgeous dogs, all who I love dearly ❤️

I’m an easy going instructor that is determined to work with you to change the result you want to the result you need!

I have the experience of working with a variety of learners which includes anxiety, autism, ADHD, and other specific needs.
Whatever your needs, I can plan to accommodate and to make it fun for you!
I’ll look forward to seeing you on the road!


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