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a new career with flexibility and potential 


Why train with us?


We are looking for excellent quality instructors to be part of our successful and growing team of well respected instructors, who are backed by a driving school committed to their success and reputation.


Train to become a successful driving instructor and gain a well respected professional qualification.


Train with us, a driving school that is committed to you as an individual, you’re not just an instructor but a valued member of our team.


We have a dedicated team of instructor trainers to guide you through the process to becoming a competent and sought after driving instructor. Both automatic and manual training available.



Instructor training is £40.00 per hour and it’s pay as you go, so there are no large up-front payments required!


Wells Driver Instructor Training price list

. Part 2 Driving test training - £40.00ph (as needed)

. 40 Hours Part 3 Training - £1600.00

. 20 Hours PDI Training - £800.00

ADI Test costs (.Gov)

. ADI Part 1 (Theory) - £81.00

. ADI Part 2 (Driving) - £111.00

. Apply for Pink Licence - £140.00

. ADI Part 3 (Teaching) - £111.00

. Apply for Green ADI Badge - £300.00

Qualify to become a Driving Instructor (ADI)


Becoming a driving instructor is a three step process...


PART 1. Theory and Hazard Perception

Firstly you will need to pass the Instructor theory & hazard perception test through self learning. We will supply you with support at this time and free premium app that covers all aspects of this test.


PART 2. Driving Test

We will work closely with you to train you to the very high standard of driving required for this test, which you will then go on to use to provide an equally high standard of teaching. This driving test must be passed with less than 6 minor driving faults.


PART 3. The Teaching Section which is in two parts

The first part is 40 hours of in car instructor training with one of our amazing trainers, who will show you everything you need to know to be the very best instructor that you can be. You will cover every subject needed to train a pupil from a complete beginner to test ready in a fun and engaging way.


Once these hours are completed you will then move onto the second part which is teaching on a provisional pink PDI (Provisional Driving Instructor) licence where you will hone your teaching skills with real pupils supplied by us. When you are Teaching on a PDI licence you will also be getting paid by pupils for your instruction. Whilst on the PDI licence you will need to do a further 20 hours in car training where you and the trainer will look at how things are going, and refining some points that you may want to look at.


This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have and have them answered! This will be great preparation and get you ready for your part 3 exam so you can be a fully qualified ADI.

Hopefully when you have qualified you will then choose to remain a driving instructor with Wells Driver Training!

Our driving school's franchise fee is £164.00 per month and includes free Theory Test Pro subscription for all your pupils, this is a great resource for helping them pass their theory test.

Our ADI training team


Keith Wells

Automatic Trainer

Justin Hill

Manual Trainer

Jay Ledley

Automatic Trainer

Steve Thurlow

Manual Trainer

Get in touch now!

It would be our pleasure to assist you in your new career. To start you on your journey please ring our office now!

07572 143 527


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