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Adam Twyman ADI - Thanet, Herne Bay and Whitstable

Adam is very excited to be joining Wells Driver Training  and is bringing with him over 23 years of driving experience.

Adam spent 15 years working in the building preservation industry, this involved damp proofing, plastering, rot treatment and treating bug infestations. After the company he worked for closed down, Adam found it quite difficult to find a job in the industry he knew, as these specialist companies were few and far between.

He ended up going through several jobs, looking for a place that he felt fitted him and a place where he felt true job satisfaction but nowhere felt quite right. He likes to feel part of a team and be appreciated for the hard work he puts in but most companies these day you are just a statistic with no identity.

Adam’s partner, our own driving instructor Katy, trained with Wells Driver Training and he saw how much Katy was enjoying her new career and the satisfaction she got from her work, after all, what more of a reward can you ask for than seeing the smiling faces of the pupils when they have achieved things they never thought they would.

Adam soon starting to consider whether this could be what he was looking for, could this be the career for him ? After getting to know the team at different social occasions, Adam started to feel right at home within the family that is Wells Driver Training, and felt that he'd found his new career path. Once he started down this path there was no stopping him and he threw everything into it, to become the best instructor that he could be.

Adams motto is,’ do it right the first time, or don't do it at all ‘Adam, like the rest of the instructors at Wells Driver Training will put in 110% to get you or your loved one onto the path to passing their driving test, making it such a stress free and fun experience, you'll be sad to leave us!

Let Adam put you in the driving seat! Give Adam a ring on:

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