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Jack Phillips ADI - Thanet, Sandwich, Herne Bay, Whitstable & Canterbury

Jack has driven a lot of different vehicles, and has experience of driving trucks, vans and cars. He has driven these all over Europe and enjoys the time he spends at the wheel as an experienced driver.

Jack has been looking for a fulfilling and rewarding career for some time and has dabbled in construction and even did a stint in the army, but none of them felt quite right for him.

Jack had been thinking about becoming a driving instructor for some time so after doing some research he rung Mandy Wells in the WDT office and along with Keith Wells, they talked to Jack about training opportunities and becoming an instructor with Wells. Jack felt reassured that this was the right career move for him.

Jack is an extremely competent driver and is passionate about safe driving, he wants to transfer that passion and enjoyment onto his pupils to teach them to pass the test, but more importantly to be safe and confident drivers for life and to be able to handle any driving situation.

Jack has various hobbies including football and running. He is also raising money for charity when he will be running 35 miles on an ultra marathon.

Join Jack today for your driving journey


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