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Raichal Coombs ADI - Herne Bay,Whitstable and Thanet

Raichal has joined Wells Driver Training after qualifying with another driving school in the area, she decided to come over to us because she valued the family values and respect that we show all of our instructors here at Wells Driver Training.

Raichal has been driving for 11 years and is originally from London and moved to Herne Bay two years ago.

Raichal is a lady with a huge love for her family of 6 beautiful children aged and recently got engaged to her partner Tamar Coombs and will be getting married in 2021. Home life is very important to her and her family. Raichal is a very hard working instructor because of how important her family is to her.

Raichal has  had great success with pupils with learning disabilities, including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia etc. She believes in doing as much as possible to accommodate these pupils so they experience success in their lessons and go on to pass their driving tests, these include using colour co-ordination and combinations in the car to assist and support learning.

Raichal is a huge football fan. Raichal drives and teaches in a manual Mercedes A Class

To set you on the road to driving success please call Raichal on:

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