Chelsea Cohen - Herne Bay, Whitstable & Faversham

Chelsea has a wealth of driving experience, having been on the roads for 27 years driving across all the Home Counties and Greater London.

She trained with Keith Wells to become a
first class driving instructor always putting safety and courtesy on the roads as the highest priority in her tuition. "It’s not just about passing the driving test" she is often heard to say, “always consider others and put safety first for all other road users including yourself.”

Chelsea Cohen - Driving Instructor - Wells Driver Training

Respected for her high level of integrity and sense of humour,

there is never a dull moment in Chelsea’s lessons.


Chelsea has become well versed in communicating with all types of people throughout her teaching career and is also a part time piano teacher that seems to have a knack of getting the best out of her pupils.

Chelsea's Silver Ford Fiesta

Even the most nervous of learners will find themselves quickly at ease under Chelsea’s guidance.

Positive , patient and kind is her motto - coupled with a large spoonful of humour, this has proven to be a successful recipe for her and her pupils.  

Chelsea lives in a
Herne Bay and covers both Herne Bay and Whitstable areas.  She will  fit your lessons around you and is always willing to be flexible. Pick ups can be from school, college or work in and around the local Herne Bay / Whitstable area.

Chelsea is engaged to be married, has a young daughter and a cat! 

Call now to see how Chelsea can help you achieve your driving goals and help you on your way to your independence.

07736 554 101